Technical Workshop Honors Chellappa’s 65th Birthday and Academic Contributions

Wed Jun 13, 2018

A recent technical workshop celebrated Distinguished University Professor Rama Chellappa's 65th birthday and also highlighted his significant contributions to the field of computer vision.

Chellappa, who is a Minta Martin Professor of Engineering and chair of the Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering, has trained and collaborated with many generations of researchers in computer vision, image and signal processing, machine learning and biometrics.

Chellappa is a longtime member of UMIACS, where he conducts much of his research in the Center for Automation Research.

The June 4 event brought together many of Chellappa’s mentors, collaborators and students—both current and former—to celebrate and toast his achievements.

The workshop featured current research findings, ideas, and applications in computer vision, machine learning, and signal processing were presented through talks given by Chellappa’s colleagues.

His dedication to mentoring students was also highlighted—Chellappa has graduated 98 doctoral students during his tenure at the University of Southern California and the University of Maryland.

To read more about Chellappa and to view photos of Chellappa and his group over the years, visit the workshop’s website here.